Wronged: A Review

When everything in your life seems to be at its lowest point, and all you want to do is try and fix it, but then something horrible happens to pile on the mountain of bad that has already buried you underneath, we never really get a peek at what a person is capable of doing.

In this film, Wronged, written and directed by Nicholas Holland, we do get a grim microcosm of a look at one family’s brutal fight of survival whilst dealing with tragedy after tragedy.

Shaun O’Malley plays David, a husband and family man whom, along with his wife, has suffered a terrible blow that no one should ever experience. As recommended, David, his wife and two kids head up to his father’s country home, only to be met with a group of bad people with their own agenda, and will easily rid anyone in their way. The situation unravels and turns tragic once again for David’s family and he is pushed to a limit of survival in the most primal way.

The story takes its time letting you as the viewer, get to know its characters. And that is something I deeply appreciate, especially with a story this dark. You want to care what happens to these people, and you do! Every wrenching turn this story took it was like a gut punch with a 20 lb. brick. There was a point in which I wondered how much more I could take. And I’m so glad I hung with it because the story was crafted so well that the tension consistently grew as the violence became more and more grizzly and hard to watch. Major props to Makeup Rebelz for this film’s Special Makeup Effects – They sold the brutality and gruesome nature of the violence very well.

The cast all gave solid performances, no matter how small the role was, and that really speaks to the caliber of talent this film presented to you. The cinematography by Emanuel Ioan Neculai was beautiful and crisp to look at. I was extremely impressed by how the action was executed, shot and edited. Completely reminded me of the first time I saw Robert Rodriguez’s El Mariachi, knowing they had an extremely low budget but he made it look like a bigger budget film. Speaks volumes about director Nicholas Holland’s creative vision. Aside from some sound issues, Wronged more than makes up for it with its heavily dramatic performances and character-driven story about survival.

This film is now on DVD and VOD from Indican Pictures and Lionsgate!

Watch The Trailer HERE!

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